Green Chile Peanut Brittle


We’ve added Hatch Green Chile Powder to our Peanut Brittle to make spicy Southwestern Treat!

Piñon Brittle


A buttery crunch spread thin and loaded with true piñon nuts.

Due to multiple years of drought causing conditions to stress the pinon trees and therefore not produce nuts, we ran out of them.  Since the nuts are not grown commercially, we do not know when the conditions will be right for a crop.  We believe that true pinon nuts are superior to the available ‘pine nuts’ and will not substitute.  Until there is another crop, we will be out of our pinon products.  We hope this outage is short and we can make our delicious pinon goodies again soon!

Pecañero Brittle


Right from our own backyard, we load New Mexican pecans from Las Cruces into this creation. We actually add so many nuts it’s difficult to mix them all in!

Peanut Brittle


After taking the biggest Spanish Peanuts we can find, we add lots of butter and sugar and cook the mixture to perfection.

Buffett’s Brittle Sampler


A selection of 3 oz. packages of our brittles packaged together, so you don’t have to pick just one. Your sample assortment will include 2 peanut brittles, 2 pecañero brittles, 1 green chile peanut brittle, and one red chile pecañero brittle

April Fools!

We won’t put you guys through a Yucca Root Brittle! But shop our real brittle flavors here!

New Mexico Basket


The best of New Mexico all in one basket! We take a handmade basket in the shape of our great state and fill it with some of our most popular items: Green Chile Cheese Corn, Green Chili Peanut Brittle, Pecañero, a Gila monster (pecans, caramel and chocolate), a Bufforeo (chocolate covered Oreo) with a decorative chile icing and a solid chocolate New Mexico mold.

New Mexico Piñon

Piñon Candy & Treats We’re Nuts About the New Mexico Piñon Nut. Blue skies. Hot air balloons. Green chile. And Buffett’s Candies. For generations of New Mexicans, our candy is right up there with the best of our state. Gathering around a box of piñon brittle at Thanksgiving, stuffing Christmas stockings with our handmade candy canes, and handing out our …