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We’re Nuts About the New Mexico Piñon Nut.

Blue skies. Hot air balloons. Green chile. And Buffett’s Candies. For generations of New Mexicans, our candy is right up there with the best of our state. Gathering around a box of piñon brittle at Thanksgiving, stuffing Christmas stockings with our handmade candy canes, and handing out our famous popcorn balls at Halloween — we’re a part of many treasured traditions. We’re proud to be a “taste of home” for New Mexicans far and wide and ship to our fans across the country. And we’re always happy to see long-time customers who have moved away but make a point of stopping by when they’re in town.

Nothing says “New Mexico” like the piñon nut. Rich, soft, and lightly sweet, in George Buffett’s estimation, nothing compared to it. That’s why he only used authentic New Mexico piñon nuts in his legendary piñon rolls and piñon brittle.

Proud to be a taste of home for New Mexicans.

George loved New Mexico piñons so much that when he was a New Mexico State Representative, he sponsored the 1987 Piñon Nut Act establishing that pine nuts can’t be called “piñon” unless they come from the New Mexico state tree, the piñon pine.

We remain true to George’s passion for this homegrown delicacy. Our trusted suppliers harvest piñon nuts by hand every fall and we still use the machine George built to shell them. (It’s the only one of its kind.)

We’re at nature’s whim when it comes to this special nut. When harvests are small, as they are from time to time, we don’t substitute imported pine nuts. Instead, we reduce our production and limit the number of piñon rolls folks can order. Our fantastic customers understand. And we know George would be proud.

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