Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn

Our Caramel Corn recipe is the oldest one we have. We experimented and tried making changes but nothing tastes quite as good as the original. We've found that real butter makes the difference! So after 50 years, we still have the same great tasting treat.

Butter Rum Corn

Robust butter and rum flavoring come through in the first bite. Folks keep coming back for this one.

Cinnamon Corn

The perfect amount of sizzle makes it hard for folks to stop eating our Cinnamon Corn!

Chicago Mix

We mix the sophisticated sweetness of our Dark Caramel Popcorn with the savory goodness of our Cheese Popcorn to create this Chicago favorite. Thank you Windy City!

Green Chile Cheese Popcorn

Straight from Hatch, NM, we take authentic New Mexico Green Chile and combined it with creamy White Cheddar Cheese to create a Southwestern Favorite!

Cheddary Cheese Popcorn

Rich cheddar cheese coats our popcorn to give an intense, authentic, and habit-forming flavor.

Brown Bear Crunch

A fifty-year-old recipe of caramel corn covered with the finest selection of milk chocolate makes these items one of our best sellers!

Black Bear Crunch

Made with dark chocolate!