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New Mexico Basket

The best of New Mexico all in one basket! We take a handmade basket in the shape of our great state and fill it with some of our most popular items: Green Chile Cheese Corn, Piñon Brittle, Pecañero, a Piñon Roll, a Gila monster (pecans, caramel and chocolate), a Bufforeo (chocolate covered Oreo) with a decorative chile icing and a solid chocolate New Mexico mold.


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Butter and sugar practically sum up the praline. Making these treats started with the traditional Pecan offering and now we have a following for the Pinon ones. Each bite contains nuts, butter and sugar that melt in your mouth.

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Rio Grande Choco Rocks

They look so real you might be afraid to pop one in your mouth! These candy coated chocolate rocks are a favorite in the southwest.

1/2 pound, $5.00

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Pecan Rolls

Similar to our better known Piñon Roll, but made for the traditionalists. We take a brown sugar center, dip it in hot caramel and roll it in pecans. Approximately 10-12 per pound box.

Malt Balls

Two different types of malt balls make trying them fun. The traditional milk chocolate malt ball and the mint chip malt ball are each unique and flavorful.

1/2 pound, $6.95

Kookaburra Licorice

Flown in all the way from Australia, some people make a special trip to the store just for this licorice. Pick from either the Traditional Black or the Strawberry Twists.

1/2 pound, $4.95

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Chocolate Non-Pariels

These solid chocolate disks are a staple in many people's diets. Pick your favorite: Milk Chocolate with colored non-pariels or Dark Chocolate with white non-pariels.

1/2 pound, $5.95

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Taking a salty pretzel and covering it with a sweet chocolate makes for a combination that is hard to stop eating.

1/2 pound, $7.00

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Bridge Mix

This bridge mix is the best! A mixture of chocolate covered nuts, fruits, mints and caramels blend for a perfect combination.

1/2 pound, $6.95