Piñon Candies

Piñon Rolls

A brown sugar center surrounded by caramel and then rolled in piñon nuts make these creations irresistible. People make an extra stop by the store just for them!

Our pinon rolls were feature on the Travel Channel’s Delicious Destinations. See how they are made!

1/2 pound is approximately 5 to 6 rolls
1 pound is approximately 10-12 rolls
2 pounds is approximately 20-24 rolls

Piñon Assortment

Two piñon rolls, along with milk and dark chocolate piñon horny toads, piñon toffee, piñon creams, piñon caramels and piñon clusters make a perfect variety of our piñon candy. This assortment is our top seller.

Piñon Brittle

A buttery crunch spread thin and loaded with true piñon nuts.

Piñon Caramel 6 Pack

Our famous Piñon Caramel chocolates in an assorted 6 pack box



Butter and sugar practically sum up the praline. Making these treats started with the traditional Pecan offering and now we have a following for the Pinon ones. Each bite contains nuts, butter and sugar that melt in your mouth.