Our candy is made to eat – not to keep!

Welcome to Buffett's Candies! We proudly state 'Our candy is made to eat - not to keep!' and once you take a bite, you'll understand why. Using the best ingredients money can buy and not using any preservatives, we make fresh quality candy. Located in the heart of the Southwest in Albuquerque, NM, we are best known for using the piñon nut in our creations. Don't be fooled by imitations - genuine piñon nuts are not the same as other pine nuts. True piñon nuts have a distinct and unique flavor. Even when the true piñon nuts are scarce, we will not substitute any other type of nut.

Family owned and operated since the 1950's, Buffett's Candies is a landmark in Albuquerque. Please look around our website and if you're ever in the area, come by and visit our store. Once you've tasted the best, you'll understand why 'Our candy is made to eat - not to keep.'

Seasonal Favorites

Pumpkin Spice

Our delicious tribute to the taste of fall; pumpkin spice covered in milk and dark chocolate topped with pecan.

Christmas Mix Popcorn

We take our delicious Hatch Green Chile cheese popcorn and blend it perfectly with our Red Chile popcorn for the perfect New Mexican blend.


We take pecan pieces and soak them in Bourbon then blend them with sugar and butter then cover them in milk or dark chocolate.