About Us

The Buffett Family, 1975
George Buffett started Buffett's Candies after graduating from the University of New Mexico in 1951 with a degree in Business Administration.
He wanted to be in business for himself and his mother, Irma, suggested candy making.

The Buffett Family, 2008

Many people ask him 'Why candy?' and Irma thought he could do it relatively inexpensively since all you need is a pot and a stove! Well, it took a little more than that but in 1956, Buffett's Candies was born.

Over the years, George also started a couple of other businesses (B&H Wholesale, a concession supply business and The Popcorn Cannery, a popcorn factory) but Buffett's Candies is the best known. Commonly referred to as 'the place with the big candy cane', the store is now a landmark in Albuquerque.

The longevity of his businesses displays George's commitment to quality products at reasonable prices. He uses only the finest ingredients, including fresh whipping cream and real US Grade AA butter. No preservatives are used in the candies, which is one of the reasons we proudly state: Our Candy is made to eat - Not to keep!

While the candy business gave George an opportunity to be in business for himself, it also gave him something else very important: his wife! The two met when Jeanette started working part-time during college and they were married in 1963. They have three grown children and five grandchildren. George continued his involvement in the store up to his death in October 2012. His three children now run the various businesses. And as his grandchildren continue to grow, their interest continues to grow as well. We’ll soon be a 3rd generation company!